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Let's get to know each other

Today I enable individuals to become well-rounded high-performers capable of cultivating excellence and creating lasting impact in every domain of their lives. But it's my own life experience that informed my perspectives. Below, there is an outline of few milestones and important moments that I wanted to highlight. Trust me, there so much more, but just few of them will give more depth behind my story for us to properly get acquainted.

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10+ years of research & trial to figure out the most effective well-rounded excellence framework, tools, and strategy
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100+ client transformations, which enabled them to become truly well-rounded individuals with greater life impact & fulfillment
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300+ coaching sessions held, where I have empowered individuals of diverse backgrounds and experiences to cultivate the mindset, habits, and skills needed to achieve holistic success in both their personal and professional lives.

A few notes on my life experience

Explore the chapters of my life, from education and career milestones to entrepreneurial ventures, athletic achievements, and diverse experiences that have shaped my journey.

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Explore my entrepreneurial journey and ventures, from launching successful firms to strategic business development.

Currently run this online coaching & learning business through dedicated to enabling individuals to become truly well-rounded and versatile individuals.
For several years had a college admissions & scholarship consultancy called Trapizonian Education with immense results for students globally.
Operated a boutique law firm focused on civil & commercial legal cases in Ukraine; acted as a director, junior partner, and practicing lawyer.
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Discover my professional achievements and milestones, highlighting my career growth and expertise in various industries.

Currently in a sales role at Corporate Visions in addition to my personal brand business. My work is focused on equipping B2B companies with revenue growth frameworks.
10 years in the workforce with experiences from law & legal services, marketing, sales, operations, to general management and entrepreneurship.
Worked in various environments: international corporations & enterprises, boutique firms, universities, in the office and remotely, in Europe and USA, using English, Ukrainian, and Russian languages.
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Dive into my academic background, showcasing my educational achievements and commitment to lifelong learning.

Continuously study books & podcasts on business, productivity, psychology, philosophy, fitness, and more.
4 higher education degrees from 2 different countries, 4 different cities and universities: Bachelor's of Law, Master's of International Economic Law, Master's of Agriculture & Food Law, and Master's of Business Administration.
Two degrees are with honors (3.84 GPA and 4.00 GPA, others are 3.24 and 3.36 GPA). Obtained all college degrees with full scholarships based on merit.
Have been a Board Member of the largest law-student organization in Ukraine, Student's League of Ukrainian Bar Association.
The only male in several years of graduation cohorts in high school who finished with a golden medal, which implies A and A+ on all subjects for 11 years straight.
Started reading at 3.5 years old, finished kindergarten as a top student.
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Join me in exploring my fitness journey, including my dedication to health, well-being, and achieving physical excellence through various fitness pursuits.

Continuously push myself physically and mentally through weightlifting, soccer, tennis, running, swimming, diving, and martial arts training.
PADI Open Water Scuba Diver, on my way to learn more courses and obtain various certifications.
Formerly trained in Karate (5th Kyu in Jundokan and 7th Kyu in Kyokushin) with several medals and locally won championships in Ukraine.
Back in school used to get top 3 places for running tournaments; top 2 fastest time for loading gun magazine as part of state-defense class.
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Travel & Languages

Embark on a journey through my cultural experiences, global travels, and language exploration.

Intend to travel as much as possible, as I find these experiences of trying new things, meeting new people, and reflecting on my goals, incredibly rewarding. Have been fortunate to live and immerse in various countries and cultures to inform my perspectives. Armenian, born in Russia, raised in Ukraine, and living in the U.S. today.
Understand Western Armenian, plan to get up to speed with writing & speaking the literature version of Armenian. Also, native speaker in Ukrainian and Russian, and fluent in English. Know few dozen words in German.
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Uncover my passion for continuous personal development and self-improvement through various self-learning pursuits.

Constantly seeking ways to develop myself from enhancing my self-defense & shooting skills, to physically challenging myself through adventure sports & athletic activities, to taking on new entrepreneurial projects.
Occasionally, I would learn the latest trends in space technology, NASA findings, research, and astronomy in general.
Enjoy learning about various latest high tech that can improve productivity.
Used to regularly play acoustic guitar, seek to get back to it, and improve my skills. Wrote poems, and various fiction stories.
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Learn about the role of faith in my life and the impact it has had on shaping my values and worldview.

Currently re-reading the Bible in English and Russian parallel translation from early 1900s to ensure better translation from Aramaic compared to translations from a recent decade. Re-educating myself and reinforcing the word of God. Creating a plan for being a better, more devoted, and genuine practicing Christian.
Studying historic events and background of the Armenian Apostolic Church as the first formed church of the world, considering that Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301. Studying similarities and differences in various denominations.
Coach Andrei Trapizonian leading a conference

The Well-Rounded Excellence

In a moment of introspection and deep reflection, I felt a surge of inspiration and clarity that would change the course of my life forever. It was during this time that the concept of Well-Rounded Excellence was born—an idea that would become the cornerstone of my mission to help individuals reach their full potential and lead truly fulfilling lives.

As the pieces fell into place, I could see the vision taking shape before my eyes. I envisioned a holistic approach to personal growth that encompassed not just one aspect, but all dimensions of life. The idea was to create a comprehensive framework that would empower individuals to master the six pillars of Well-Rounded Excellence: Value System, Intellectual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Health & Fitness, Productivity & Performance, and Personal Security.

Guided by this vision, I poured my heart and soul into developing practical strategies, actionable steps, and transformative insights to bring this framework to life. I dove deep into research, drawing upon my extensive knowledge and experiences spanning over a decade, seeking to understand the intricate balance required to achieve true excellence.

As the pieces of the puzzle began to align, I couldn't contain my excitement. I knew that I had stumbled upon something profound—an approach that had the power to unlock unlimited potential in individuals who were seeking a holistic path to personal and professional growth.

The journey was not without its challenges. Countless hours were spent refining the frameworks, designing practical exercises, and distilling the essence of each pillar into digestible wisdom that could be applied to everyday life. But with each obstacle, my determination grew stronger, fueled by the belief that this was a transformative philosophy that could make a significant impact.

Today, the Well-Rounded Excellence framework stands as a testament to the power of intentionality, personal growth, and a commitment to lifelong learning. It serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path to becoming a well-rounded individual capable of achieving extraordinary success and living a life of true fulfillment.

But how did it all start? These are a few important moments out of so many:

The Loving Family

I was born into an Armenian family in Russia, and soon after, we relocated to Ukraine, where I spent my formative years. Growing up, I was incredibly fortunate to have been raised by loving and devoted parents. My mother, in particular, would never miss a single morning without preparing a delicious breakfast for me, while my father tirelessly worked 16-hour days to provide for our family. Like many families, we faced our fair share of life's challenges, but through it all, the bond of love and care between us remained unbreakable. From my mother, I learned the value of striving for excellence, while my father taught me the importance of hard work without complaints. Both of them instilled in me the virtue of selflessness. While I've also embarked on my own personal journey of growth and discovery, it is the solid foundation of love and support that they provided that has empowered me to pursue my dreams.

The Loving Family_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo
The Kindergarten's Stud_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo

The Kindergarten's Stud

From the early years of my life, my intellect and character began to take shape, and it all started in the environment of kindergarten. It was there that I had the opportunity to explore my abilities, interact with peers and adults, and perhaps even learn my very first life lesson. Even before the age of four, I immersed myself in reading and began studying English as my third non-native language. The pursuit of excellence became as much a personal aspiration as it was instilled by my parents. However, it was during those formative years that a profound realization took hold—the power of our actions and the presence of God's watchful gaze. On a day that marked both my birthday and a special kindergarten event, I succumbed to temptation and secretly took an extra sweet from another child's stash, never confessing to my misdeed. Yet, on that same day, a treasured gift from my parents mysteriously vanished from my cubby. It was a bittersweet lesson learned—a poignant reminder that even the smallest misstep does not go unnoticed by God. Justice, in this world or the next, has a way of finding its course.

The Karate Kid

Another credit goes to my parents for recognizing the value of physical and mental challenges in a young boy's life. While my dad wanted me to play soccer, which he still jokes about today, it was my mom's unwavering insistence on martial arts lessons that prevailed. Karate became the cornerstone of my early understanding of discipline, commitment, and competition, fundamental principles that extend to every aspect of life. Beyond personal growth, martial arts empower individuals to stand up for themselves, defend loved ones, and lend a helping hand to those in need. I had the privilege of clinching multiple local championships, exploring three distinct karate styles, and achieving various Kyu belts. Although my competitive journey was cut short by vision problems, I continued dedicating time to my overall fitness, yet yearning to reignite a more focused training, honing my fighting skills for personal strength and sharpness.

The Karate Kid_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo
The Loving Family_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo

Off to the Races After School many things have happened. First love...and the second, and third...and well, it was never-ending. Just like standing up to bullies, competing in athletic tournaments, forging friendships, enduring losses, and developing a paradoxical blend of nearly supreme confidence and insecurity. With a strong foundation and support at home, the school became the testing ground that toughened me for what lay ahead. School #27, nestled in the quaint city of Cherkasy, Ukraine, witnessed my transformation from a child to a young man, though still with a touch of naivety. I defied categorization, not fitting neatly into one box like "popular kid", "nerd", or an "athlete". Instead, I  embraced diverse interests and gained respect from various groups, especially during my high school years. Amid relentless studying, I found time for video games, soccer matches, conversations with girls, and standing up for myself when needed. On top of it, I emerged as the sole male recipient of a golden medal in multiple graduation cohorts, which meant a streak of straight A's for 11 consecutive years.

The Bachelor's...Bachelor :)

The saga of love stories continued, intensified, and intertwined with newfound perspectives. This phase marked a pivotal time of practical life planning, where I navigated goals, dreams, and priorities to lay the groundwork for my career and aspirations. While focused on becoming an attorney, I slowly started leaning closer to the realm of entrepreneurship. Throughout my Bachelor's degree, I also embraced a multifaceted approach, immersing myself in music, guitar, and exhilarating concert experiences, while also delving into the rigors of legal education through internships in courts and private law firms. Serving as a Board Member for the nation's largest law-student organization, I organized events across multiple cities. It was during this period that I began shaping my worldview and developing a critical stance towards education, laying the foundation for constructive critique in my academic pursuits. With unwavering dedication, I proudly completed my Bachelor's degree with Honors.

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The International Travel_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo

International Travel

A burning desire to push my limits and explore the unknown propelled me forward. Despite limited finances and demanding studies, I yearned for the exhilaration of venturing to new lands. Encouraged by a friend, I seized the opportunity to apply for educational tours and student exchange programs. To my delight, I secured a coveted spot in a two-week adventure in Poland, courtesy of Study Tours to Poland who sponsored the entire trip. While I had previously traveled to nearby countries like Russia, Abkhazia (Georgia), and Turkey, it was my Polish excursion that ignited a deep passion for discovery, cultural immersion, and expanding my worldview. The icing on the cake was being chosen once again among a select group of students to embark on a second journey to Poland, this time with a special focus on Warsaw, its capital. Both trips took me through captivating workshops, allowed me to meet the esteemed former President of Poland, Lech Wałęsa, and other interesting people, as well as exposed me to new perspectives and academic approaches. And yes, there were also lots of vibrant night club parties, and unforgettable encounters, which altogether left an indelible mark on my adventurous spirit.

The Lawyer-Musician

The ongoing theme of not conforming to societal expectations is evident in my journey as well. People often perceive you in one specific role, unable to see the other facets of your identity. For me, it was a constant endeavor to demonstrate that I could excel in multiple domains and be well-rounded. Alongside my formal legal pursuits, I delved deeply into music and guitar during high school and throughout my college years. Although my priorities shifted over time, I managed to cultivate decent musical skills and nurture my creative side. This passion emerged as a means to fill the void left by my departure from competitive karate and the need for meaningful outlets amidst love stories and other life experiences. Creating music, writing poems, participating in charitable initiatives, and exploring various creative ventures allowed me to prove to myself, above all, that I could embrace any role and blend my skills in whichever way I desired.

The Lawyer Musician_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo
My Time in Kyiv_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo

My Time in Kyiv

During my time in Kyiv, I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the vibrant capital and all that it had to offer. While I had visited Kyiv multiple times during my Bachelor's studies, it was when I made the decision to live there in a dormitory with four other guys that my experience truly transformed. It was a challenging yet rewarding chapter of my life, where I faced numerous hurdles that tested my character and resilience. Over the course of two years, I accomplished more than I could have imagined. I navigated through personal family issues, maintained a long-distance relationship, forged new friendships, and honed my networking skills at professional conferences, leveraging my background in law. Additionally, I continued my dedication to fitness, pushing my limits through cold exposure practices. Living with my dorm-mates was a rollercoaster ride, starting with initial struggles but ultimately bonding us together as lifelong best friends. During this period, I successfully completed my Master's degree in International Economic Law and embarked on an internship at a prestigious law firm. Simultaneously, I devoted every spare moment to pursuing my dream of studying in America on a full scholarship. And against all odds, I achieved it.

Arrival in America

My arrival in America took me to a less conventional destination: Fayetteville, Arkansas, a small and nice town. It wasn't the typical big-city experience one might envision as a foreigner, and even some Americans themselves were unfamiliar with its location, which was a recurring joke starting all the way from the visa officer back in the U.S. Embassy located in Kyiv. Nevertheless, Fayetteville gradually won me over, thanks to the wonderful people I encountered and the affordability it offered, which was a much-needed relief during my early days. While my heart yearned for the hustle and bustle of a major metropolis, I did have the opportunity to visit New York City, a more familiar destination for foreigners. However, I also found moments of enjoyment in Fayetteville amid the rigorous academic demands of my LL.M. program. Among few, I attended baseball and college football games, though I must admit that my preference still lies with soccer when it comes to team sports, haha. Though there were memorable experiences, this period was also one of the most challenging times in my life. Exhausted from various hurdles back home, I arrived in the States only to confront profound loneliness, heightened anxiety, and a barrage of uncertainties regarding my future and available options. Nevertheless, I knew I had to push through and overcome these obstacles.

Arrival to America_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo
The Pivot_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo

The Pivot

Throughout my journey, it's evident that I always sought excellence in various fields, particularly in becoming a successful attorney. I had the chance to represent clients and provide legal counsel before my departure to the U.S., but during my LL.M. program, a realization struck me. I needed a deeper understanding of running a business and the practical aspects beyond legal compliance. Several factors influenced this decision. Firstly, the challenges of extending my stay in the U.S. to apply my legal knowledge in American law. Secondly, I felt the need to broaden my focus beyond the narrow specialization of my current program. Lastly, there were financial considerations, including covering expenses for the bar exam, and uncertainties about my eligibility as a foreign lawyer. In spite of dedicating many years to my legal path, I felt compelled to take a risk and step back in order to propel myself forward. I made the bold choice to pursue an MBA immediately after completing my LL.M., envisioning a future where I could leverage my combined expertise and seize greater opportunities, including the possibility of working in the United States.

MBA - My Third Master's

Reflecting on my university education, including my MBA, I acknowledge the advancements in resources, technology utilization, and pedagogical approaches compared to my studies in Ukraine. However, I believe there is still room for holistic improvement within the academic world. While my MBA program was excellent and provided me with valuable experiences through business case studies, group projects, and elective courses, I noticed a prevailing emphasis on training managers and business operators rather than fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals who take risks to start, develop, and grow their own businesses. Personally, I was fortunate to secure a full scholarship for all my college degrees, from my Bachelor's to my MBA, based on my merit and credentials. While I am grateful for this opportunity, I question whether the same benefits would be attainable if I had to bear the burden of exorbitant tuition fees. The substantial financial investment required for higher education could be redirected towards funding a startup, in my opinion. This perspective is worth considering, but ultimately, I achieved the goals I set out for myself in pursuing an MBA given my circumstances, which is a victory in its own right. Life also improved to some extent, albeit with intermittent moments of stability. I seized the opportunity to visit my parents and friends back home during one of my MBA years, reinforcing the notion that it had become a second home for me.

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College Consultancy_Andrei Trapizonian's Story Photo

College Consultancy

As I delved deeper into the realm of college admissions and gained extensive experience and knowledge in academic matters, particularly in the context of the United States, I realized the value of sharing this expertise with other students. With a track record of admissions to 27 American universities across 20 states, with scholarship awards reaching $700,000, while acquiring four college degrees in three languages, spanning multiple cities and countries, my understanding of the process was comprehensive. Additionally, my participation in various student exchange programs, including the one in Poland, enriched my global perspective on education. This realization led to the birth of my college consultancy, aimed at assisting students worldwide with a range of effective strategies. We provided guidance on obtaining application fee waivers, navigating official documentation requirements, and securing financial aid, among other valuable insights. To consolidate this knowledge, I developed two courses that are currently available on my website, offering and empowering students to navigate the complexities of the college admissions process and pursue their educational aspirations. As for me, the focus has shifted to helping individuals become well-rounded high-performers who defy categorization, embracing the idea of "not fitting into the box," I strive to foster a sense of individuality and self-discovery in those I support.

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